bare skin photography - fine art nudes

I take pictures since years, holiday pics, steam engines, familiy members. A few years ago I started to picture models, doing portraits and fashionshoots as well as erotic themes. Here I present my nude art photographs.

The pics display the results of shootings with a lot of different models, professoinal ones with playboy and met-art expierience as bare newcomers, who appeared the first time in front of a camera. All these girls have some things in common: They are self confident and broad-minded, and the have fun doing a very professional job.


This is how I work:

I take pictures in the studio, outdoor if the weather suits, or on location, depending on what is available. My "homebase" is the photostudio of the photo enthusiasts club in Vienna, and I own a small studio flash system to be more flexible for the location. A shooting takes between two hours and a full day, depending on the location, the creative power the model and I have, and the number of accessories that are available. In the studio we're usually done after three hours, outdoor takes longer. All models that I take in the nude are 18 years or older on the day of the shooting, and there is always a model release that cares for the rights of the pictures.

Salary: I do tfp-shoots (time for print) as well payed shootings. The amount of money depends how much I am interested in the model, and how stuffed my wallet is. I I pay a salary I own the entire rights for the pictures, the model gets one or two pictures of my selections, and I refuse a companion at the shooting. I the shooting is tfp the model gets a number of processed pictures of her choice, and we can negotiate easily about the style of pictures and a companion. In any case I expect a professional model that appears in time - I have to pay for a studio even I do not shoot

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